Virtual Wolverine Express

Welcome to the Virtual Wolverine Express!

The Virtual Wolverine Express is a virtual experience to help you investigate your college search and career aspirations. We invite students to explore this virtual space and learn from University of Michigan faculty and staff about diverse academic fields, resources and pathways to college.

These short videos are full of meaningful advice and inspiring stories to equip students with tools to deepen college and career exploration– go ahead, take a look.


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Bonus: This lesson aligns with the following K-12 College- and Career-Readiness Standards established by the American School Counselor Association (2014)

Learn From
Real People

Learn from U-M faculty and staff and their real life experiences! We want you to be inspired by different careers and college pathways that get you ready for life after high school.

Different Topics

The Virtual Wolverine Express videos features: 

–> Investigative topics 

–> Tools to reflect on personal strengths and interests

–> Impact activities to inspire student engagement

engage anytime
and anywhere

Watch videos whenever and wherever! Browse the Virtual Wolverine Express video catalogue as much as you want, every few months we will be uploading new videos.

Ready to Be Inspired?

Let's go!


Check out Dyrel and Wendolyn share their experience about advocating for yourself and how to build communication skills you need for college!

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Your Voice, Your Power - Advocate Now

Advocating for yourself can be hard, but with the right tools, people, and practice, you can do it! Watch this video to learn about Dyrel Johnson’s helpful tips on how to champion yourself to others!

It’s What You Say And How You Say It

Think about how communication plays a role in what you’re involved with right now. It’s all important! Communication is key. In this video Wendolyn Wettlin shares the importance of building communication skills in whatever you do.

Career Exploration

Curious about a career in STEM? Explore with Kira and Jenna as they share about their careers within STEM.

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Real Talk About Nursing From A Current Student

Curious about the journey of a graduate nursing student? Look no further! In this video Kira Viverette shares her journey to become a nursing student and her experiences so far.

The Next Generation of Earth Science

Do you enjoy learning about the earth? Or perhaps you just have a general interest in science topics. Check out this video of Jenna Munson to learn about the importance of earth science and the University of Michigan’s Earth Camp


Hear from Laura and David about storytelling and how the power of stories will bring you to the next level of greatness! 

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You Have a Powerful Story to Tell

Do you know you have a powerful story to tell? Despite any circumstance, you are powerful. Laura Saavedra is here to share her story to empower you as you work toward a career or college!

Never Underestimate Yourself

Your journey after high school won’t necessarily be a straight path – and that’s okay! David Marek shares how he ended up doing what he really loves even though it took awhile to get there. 

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