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About CEO Events

CEO’s early days birthed vibrant communities— today known as the Faculty Forum on Outreach and Engagement, Summer Pre-College Series, and University Outreach Council—uniting faculty, staff, and students passionate about educational outreach. These events, fostering professional discussions on DEI, pre-college programming, and K-12 trends, empower outreach professionals with national experts, game-changing resources, and diverse perspectives. 

The University Outreach Council, the longstanding initiative, serves as a connective bridge, fostering dialogue among pre-college practitioners, campus leaders, and infrastructure managers. Faculty gain insights from school administrators and researchers in the Faculty Forum, while the Summer Pre-College Series offers training on the latest U-M resources and invaluable perspectives from program staff. Together, these communities foster connections that held together during the pandemic and thrive together in the innovation of tomorrow.

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Faculty Forum speakers and attendees

Faculty Forum

CEO’s Faculty Forum on Outreach and Engagement encourages the development of a community of practice among U-M faculty. The Faculty Forum shares ideas, innovations, and best practices that serve to extend the reach of the University beyond the campus. Periodic lectures, presentations, and articles from faculty, staff and leaders in the field are offered to the University community.

Faculty Forum was featured in the University Record for it’s exceptional work!

Pre-College Conference

The Michigan Pre-College & Youth Outreach Collective serves as the premier resource for higher education pre-college professionals and community partners to learn, connect and engage on the latest research and share best practices. Our outreach work increases college aspiration, readiness, matriculation, and graduation for all Michigan students, especially for K-12 students underrepresented in higher education.


By providing a statewide space for collective dialogue and joint project coordination, we are building capacity with new professionals in the field, strengthening our practices with our K-12 school partners, increasing the non-profit impact, and leveraging the research expertise of our various campuses in a real and direct way.

At the annual Michigan Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference, the state comes together to celebrate accomplishments in this field and highlight the latest research and best practices in higher education for pre-college work. This conference is hosted by a different Michigan institution each year. Check out the website for more information, including registration.

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Summer Discovery Program

Summer Programs Series (SPS)

The Summer Programs Series (SPS) brings together faculty and staff from around campus to share ideas, information, resources, and best practices to create meaningful academic enrichment programs. 


The main SPS event is the annual Summer Programs Summit, which is held at the beginning of the Winter Term to highlight the latest trends and timely topics in pre-college and summer program programming. 

University Outreach Council (UOC)

Established in 2008 by CEO, the University Outreach Council (UOC) consists of U-M faculty and staff representing schools, colleges and units involved in educational outreach and engagement initiatives. Through once-monthly meetings, annual programs, and ongoing networking, this community at U-M shares best practices about educational outreach and engagement, offers expertise and guidance to promote educational outreach and engagement, and enhances collaboration and coordination of educational outreach efforts across campus.