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Dr. Suzi Iacono currently leads the Office of Integrative Activities at the National Science Foundation. She received her PhD from the University of Arizona in information systems and MA and BA from the University of California, Irvine, in social ecology.
On March 7, the University Outreach Council convened for a discussion on K-12 educational outreach being conducted by U-M student organizations. Representatives from MUSIC Matters and the American Chemical Society (ACS) POLY/PMSE student chapter shared their experiences about connecting with youth through various outreach programs.
"Even if we commit the proper funding to support Michigan schools and teachers, we will not be successful until we change perceptions of the work of teaching. … Very few people want to work at unstable jobs for low pay, with little training or support, while experiencing a lack of community trust and respect. We cannot expect professional quality from people we do not treat as professionals," said Elizabeth Birr Moje, dean and professor of education.
On Thursday, February 15th, students from various high schools in the state came to U-M to participate in Michigan Experience Day. The event, organized by the Center for Educational Outreach’s Michigan College Advising Corps (MCAC), exposes high achieving 11th grade students from the MCAC’s partner high schools to life at U-M.
On February 13th, CEO held its third Faculty Forum for the 2017-2018 academic year; the community gathered for a discussion about promoting STEM education among youth.
The Digital Tools and Youth Outreach community is a group of U-M faculty and staff who meet throughout the academic year to explore the relationships between digital technology, learning and engagement in K-12 environments and success in higher education.
Despite concern about the rising cost of higher education and its value, the need for college-educated workers is more important than ever. If anything, the need for postsecondary education will only grow as society relies increasingly on technology in everyday life (Merisotis, 2015), and as other countries challenge our economic competitiveness.
On Thursday, December 7, CEO will host its second Faculty Forum event. Barbara Israel from the U-M School of Public Health and Angela Reyes, founder and executive director of the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, will present. A reception will follow the discussion.
To improve outreach in low-income neighborhoods through the utilization of digital programs, the Digital Tools and Youth Outreach Community held its first meeting Thursday morning in the Hatcher Graduate Library.