Faculty Structured Outreach Support Fellowship Program (S.O.S.)

To promote educational outreach at U-M, the Faculty S.O.S. Fellowship provides financial support to U-M faculty interested in advancing their educational outreach activities within the state of Michigan.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide resources that support faculty-led efforts with K-12 students or educators, work with the faculty to share their initiatives on campus, and inspire them and others to make educational outreach a core component of their role as U-M faculty.

Program Description

CEO is uniquely positioned within U-M’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to develop the university’s outreach capacity and promote collaboration and coordination of campus-wide outreach efforts in the state of Michigan. We are dedicated to advancing faculty outreach in order to expand opportunities and improve educational outcomes for underrepresented students to attract a diverse student body to U-M and support college readiness.

The S.O.S Fellows will receive up to $10,000 to support educational outreach efforts. The Faculty S.O.S. funds may be used for programming, graduate student support, or materials/supplies that advance educational outreach activities.


Any University of Michigan-Ann Arbor faculty member is eligible to apply.

Proposal Process

Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning March 10th, 2019 until all funding is awarded.


D-RISE & Dr. Nicolai Lehnert

D-RISE is a 7-week summer program that provides a handful of rising seniors from Detroit’s Cass Technical High School the opportunity to conduct research at U-M in the summer. Each student is paired with a graduate student mentor. Graduate student mentors work with students to develop a research project and provide mentorship. Through D-RISE, Lehnert seeks to promote the culture of inquiry that is foundational to science and to develop students’ analytical thinking skills. For Lehnert, the “essential paradigm of science is that you can only learn by doing” and through this immersive research experience he hopes students are able to find the subject more engaging.

Nicolai Lehnert – Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts    



SSW & Dr. Lorraine Gutierrez

Lorraine Gutierrez – Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program, and Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Professor of Psychology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts  







SSW & Dr. Barry Checkoway

Youth Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity in Metropolitan Detroit (SYD) involves high school-age young people in efforts to increase dialogues, challenge discrimination, and create changes in schools and communities. The program includes a campus residential retreat and community action projects. This year, we devoted one day of our campus retreat to a special pre-college “pilot project” organized around college access. Specifically, we believe that when young people in our programs realize that college offers opportunities to engage in civil rights and social justice issues, this will affect their decision to apply to college. The pre-college day included sessions on “college access” and “civil rights,” on how to prepare an application that draws upon their diversity experiences and social commitments, and a campus tour given through civil rights and social justice lens. We framed admissions as an effort to strengthen access to higher education, and financial aid as part of the larger struggle to make college more unaffordable to low-income and minority students of color. 

Barry Checkoway – Arthur Dunham Collegiate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, and Professor of Urban Planning, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning School of Social Work 



MPulse & School of Music Theatre, & Dance

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance Joint Award for MPulse

MPulse summer program Each summer, the MPulse Summer Performing Arts Institutes bring approximately 250 eligible young people to the Ann Arbor campus to pursue excellence in music performance, music technology, musical theatre, theatre, and dance. Sessions are designed for students who are considering studying these areas in college and would like to gain exposure to the rigorous training provided by the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance (SMTD). Participants hail from Michigan, across the U.S., and around the globe.


Janet Maylie – Associate Professor of Theatre 









Eugene Rogers – Director of Choral Activities and Conductor of Chamber Choir  









Dennis Wilson – Associate Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation  









Robin Wilson – Associate Professor of Dance








For more information about the Faculty Structured Outreach Support Fellowship Program, please contact:

Catalina Ormsby 
Associate Director