A recent article from Bridge Magazine profiles Kenwood Elementary in Cadillac, Michigan. There, low-income students have been outperforming other low-income students in the state. The progress Kenwood elementary made can happen across the state with a mindset shift that includes supporting teachers in the ways that will have the greatest impact and meeting students where they are at while holding them to grade level expectations so they can realize their potential. As Cadillac superintendent Jennifer Brown states, “Change is hard. A sense of urgency is needed.” States and schools who feel that urgency, believe change is possible, and invest strategically to change students’ lives. The article highlights that it is about building the best teacher team and support staff, developing that team through common planning time that includes reviewing data, incorporating wraparound services to meet students’ needs, focusing on small group instruction so the teacher can work with students who are struggling with a concept, and building a positive school culture by focusing on what’s going right. Read more at Bridge Magazine.