U-M Faculty and Staff

Wolverine Express

Wolverine Express brings the U-M campus to communities, establishing genuine connections between high school students and U-M faculty and staff.While in the high school classrooms, U-M faculty and staff inform students about pathways to higher education and careers, engage them with interactive presentations, panels,  and stories of their personal journeys, and inspire students to excel academically and develop personal connections with U-M faculty and staff. More >>

Faculty Forum for Outreach and Engagement

To build a community of practice among U-M faculty and staff, the Faculty Forum highlights best practices in outreach from leaders of various academic disciplines. The Forum seeks to inform the U-M community about ways to extend the reach of the university beyond the campus, engage the campus community with lectures and presentations on successful methods of extending U-M’s reach, and inspire them to incorporate educational outreach into their work and research. More >>

University Outreach Council

An initiative to foster collaboration and coordination between units on campus that engage in educational outreach, the University Outreach Council convenes monthly to inform one another of best practices, engage in meaningful discussion around strengthening the university’s outreach, and inspire creative and innovative strategies and approaches to strengthen educational outreach. More >>

Faculty Structured Outreach Support Fellowship Program (S.O.S.)

To promote educational outreach at U-M, the Faculty S.O.S. Fellowship provides financial support to U-M faculty interested in advancing their educational outreach activities. The Fellowship informs faculty of support available to them for outreach, engages them with opportunities to connect with local schools and communities, and inspires them to make educational outreach a core component of their role as U-M faculty. More >> 

Michigan Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference

A collaborative initiative between the state’s colleges and universities, the annual Michigan Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference gathers leaders in education, workforce development, and government across the state. The conference seeks to inform participants of successes, challenges, and opportunities in outreach, engage them with lively discussion and networking, and inspire collaboration and coordination across sectors to enhance educational outreach and impacts. More >>

Summer Programs Summit

The annual Summer Programs Summit gathers units and departments on campus that offer summer enrichment opportunities for youth. The Summit informs participants about university policies and available resources, engages them in discussion about best practices for planning impactful summer programs, and inspires participants to cultivate meaningful and memorable summer experiences for youth. Sign up for updates about the Summer Programs Summit >>