Director’s Message


I have had the pleasure of meeting with a wide variety of school superintendents, principals, teachers and counselors from around the state. They often speak of the challenges they face keeping students focused on postsecondary education in these difficult economic times. Yet I have been uniformly impressed by their unwavering commitment to the growth and development of their students and to the idea that educational attainment empowers future success. I have also been pleased to learn how eager schools are to partner with Michigan in order to strengthen the pipeline between school and college attendance.

CEO is actively working to build upon these early contacts and to partner with schools to encourage students to strive for academic excellence. We have sponsored visits to campus, facilitated connections between schools and UM units, hosted students for a college preparation program, and visited high schools to promote academic achievement.

CEO has also assembled a highly capable staff to reach out to schools and community organizations and to develop programs that inspire students to achieve at their highest levels. Our other new staff members include Outreach Coordinator Cortney Totty, Program Coordinator Emily Flinkstrom and Deb Galbreath who serves as our Administrative Assistant. They are a strong addition to our team and actively involved in supporting and developing CEO programs and activities.

As the year progresses we expect to develop a range of programs and activities that will extend our reach and further the mutual goals of academic excellence and college attendance which we share with school personnel.