Association of Public Land-Grant Universities Article 

Excerpt: Despite concern about the rising cost of higher education and its value, the need for college-educated workers is more important than ever. If anything, the need for postsecondary education will only grow as society relies increasingly on technology in everyday life (Merisotis, 2015), and as other countries challenge our economic competitiveness.

William CollinsCollege-educated community members contribute to our economic competitiveness in a variety of ways. They enjoy greater job security, have higher average incomes, and are more engaged in civic affairs. These are among the reasons that the APLU – along with the Lumina Foundation, the College Board, and numerous other groups – have endorsed the call to increase the college attainment level in the United States to 60 percent by 2025. APLU’s Project Degree Completion represents public universities’ contribution to this goal.