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U-M Faculty and Staff

The Center for Educational Outreach offers programs that provide an opportunity for university faculty and staff to learn more about, and participate in educational outreach programs.

For U-M Faculty

    Conversations on Promoting Pathways and Access to Higher Education Speaker Series

  • The Center for Educational Outreach (CEO), Projects Promoting Equity in Urban and Higher Education and the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) sponsors a series of lectures that will engage the U-M community in conversations on promoting pathways and access to college.
  • Professional Development Programs

  • The Center for Educational Outreach sponsors and co-sponsors professional development events that provide participants the opportunity to engage with scholars and practitioners working in pre-college programming and university-based youth outreach as well as leaders in youth development, higher education, and K-12 education.
  • Wolverine Express

  • Wolverine Express is a school visitation program in which a diverse group of U-M faculty, staff, and students assemble as a team and travel to visit select high schools located across the state of Michigan. While at the high schools, faculty, staff, and students participate in presentations designed to promote academic success and college aspiration.
  • University Outreach Council

  • The University Outreach Council consists of representatives from units on campus that engage in educational outreach. The Council convenes once a month to enhance collaboration and coordination across campus and share information about best practices in educational outreach.