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The mission of the Center for Educational Outreach is to engage with communities across the State for the purpose of applying the scholarly resources of the University of Michigan where needed to promote academic excellence at the pre-college level, to encourage students to value higher education, to stimulate college participation and success rates in the State, and to attract a well-prepared diverse student body to the University of Michigan.


The Center for Educational Outreach will be a valued partner and information resource for students and families, for educational professionals, for community organizations, and for University colleagues in service to improving college-attainment rates for the state of Michigan and enrolling a diverse student body at the University of Michigan.


The goals of the Center for Educational Outreach include:

  • Creating effective, comprehensive long-term partnerships with underserved schools to improve college access in the state of Michigan.
  • Facilitating and administrating centralized outreach programs that enhance and support the efforts of U-M schools and colleges.
  • Cultivating and supporting existing outreach efforts at the University of Michigan, as well as coordinating constructive collaborations.
  • Assisting in the identification, recruitment, and enrollment of a diverse student body.

Guiding principles

Activities of the Center for Educational Outreach are guided by the following principles:

  • Academic excellence—Success in school, and in later life, is predicated on a commitment to learning and personal development. The CEO encourages students to cultivate their intellectual abilities fully and to prepare for the future through academic achievement at the highest levels.
  • Access to higher education—Through partnerships and information sharing, the CEO encourages students to plan for college attendance and to realize the value of higher education. At the same time, the CEO encourages colleges and universities to work collaboratively with schools and community agencies to provide access to higher education and financial aid.
  • Diversity in college enrollment—The rich diversity of our society should be reflected in college classrooms in order to fully prepare college graduates for the roles they will play as leaders, managers, and professionals in society. Thus, the CEO promotes and supports efforts to enroll a diverse student body at the college level.
  • Empowerment through higher education—College attainment is a gateway to economic security and improved quality of life. The CEO's programs and activities emphasize the benefits and personal empowerment that result from attending college.
  • Serving the common good through expanding educational opportunity—The CEO recognizes that a democratic society depends on an informed and involved citizenry, that managers and leaders need accurate information when making decisions, and that society benefits from the advances and insights that are developed through higher learning.